Two Dragons Tai Chi

We share the ancient art of tai chi chuan so

everyone can experience the extraordinary effects

that it can have on the body, mind, and soul.


Qigong (or chi kung), is an ancient system of health and wellness that helps to restore energy and balance in the body and mind. It's purpose is to help participants cultivate and balance the flow of qi, which in Chinese philosophy represents the life force or energy of any living thing. Qigong is a valuable component in many Chinese martial arts.


Qigong is closely associated with tai chi and there is much crossover between the two. Tai chi is often considered a type of qigong. Both follow the fundamental principle of combining physical postures with rhythmic breathing and a composed mind. Both are also commonly used for their healing potential and meditative benefits.


The practice of qigong plays an important role in the instruction of tai chi. At our traditional academy in Downtown Abbotsford, we offer instruction of qigong forms and concepts starting in our tai chi Beginner Program.

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