Two Dragons Tai Chi

We share the ancient art of tai chi chuan so

everyone can experience the extraordinary effects

that it can have on the body, mind, and soul.


At our tai chi academy, we offer the full system of Yang style tai chi chuan. Our students have the rare benefit of experiencing the full offerings of tai chi through it's authentic form as our teachings are based on the martial art as it was practiced centuries ago.

All types of individuals from all walks of life are welcome at our academy. Our youngest student started with us when she was 10 years old and our Grandmaster is still practicing at the age of 103.

Our ambition is to preserve, share, and popularize this invaluable system of exercise and health in it's original composition so more people can experience it's world of physical, psychological, and philosophical benefits.

We also offer beginner and advanced meditation classes that are taught in a non-religious context. Our approach to meditation is both scientific and spiritual with the intention of helping participants manage life's distractions and live through the present moment.

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