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We share the ancient art of tai chi chuan so

everyone can experience the extraordinary effects

that it can have on the body, mind, and soul.


Our school is here thanks to Grandmaster Raymond Chung (Chung Yan Man) and Master-Sifu Howard Ketola.

Master Chung has had an influential role in the growth of tai chi. The full system of Yang style tai chi chuan was passed on to him by Yang family members Grand Master Yang Chao-Ch'ing (Ch'eng-Fu) and Master Yang Chen-Ming (Shou-Chung). Master Chung is partially responsible for introducing the full system of the ancient Chinese art to North America.

Sifu Howard began studying with Master Chung in 1979 at The Vancouver Tai Chi Chuan Association. In 1993, Sifu Howard opened his first official school in Mission, BC. After many years of success teaching tai chi in Mission, he recently relocated and opened a new school in Vernon, BC. Sifu Howard's is the only school that is formally recognized by Master Chung as an official extension of his system of teaching.

In April 2014, all within one week's time, we opened our new studio in Abbotsford, Sifu Howard opened his new studio in Vernon, and we all celebrated Master Chung's 101st birthday and the 51st anniversary of The Vancouver Tai Chi Association.

Master Chung and Sifu Howard were both born the year of the Dragon.

Grandmaster Raymond Y. M. Chung

Grandmaster Raymond Y. M. Chung

Master-Sifu Howard Ketola

Master-Sifu Howard Ketola

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